The archaeological park’s Cassinomagus at Chassenon

Cassinomagus, now Chassenon was an important Roman town built on the Agrippa road ( road between Saintes and Lyon ) It comprised a collection of public buildings…hot baths, theatre, temples and an aqueduct. It was an important Gallo-Roman sanctuary in the 2nd century
Visit the stacked 3-level buildings that link a network of aqueducts, boiler rooms, swimming pools, brick ovens, etc. Lots of activities for the whole family take place all year round. How better to spend some time together?


Events planned Charente Limousine.


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The Haute Charente has the largest lake area in the Poitou-Charentes. Hardwood forests, groves, waters and heritage provide a welcome rest, relaxation and getting together with friends and family.

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