The Haute Charente is also rich in local heritage. Charming villages, remarkable churches, fountains, available to see during your wanderings around the area. Here is a selection of must see sites.

The fortified town of Brigueuil

Here is a village of incomparable charm! A secular witness to human history, Brigueuil, since Roman times, has played a significant defensive role due to its hillside location.
In the Middle Ages, the town continued to be the bulwark of the region. In 1363, the English army of the Black Prince tried to seize it, in vain. Plunge into the heart of the Middle Ages as you visit this incredible site.
Discover the eastern gate of the city, known as the Pont-Levis, XIIth century, the square Dungeon eleventh century formerly known as “The Eyes of Brigueuil” which was 44 meters high! The altar cross, Logis de l’Espérance from the twelfth century, the Church of Saint-Martial XII-XV centuries (listed as a historical monument), a Renaissance portal, the recumbent form of Marguerite de Chabot, a twelfth century house, a pyramidal fountain and the lantern of the dead.

The picturesque village of Vitrac Saint Vincent
The lovely village centre reminds us of a small mountain village. Vitrac is a symphony of soft hues, soft lights and an enchanting atmosphere.
Note: the manor house in Vitrac was a monks priory. This is a remarkable building built in a simple yet elegant style (private residence).


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The Haute Charente has the largest lake area in the Poitou-Charentes. Hardwood forests, groves, waters and heritage provide a welcome rest, relaxation and getting together with friends and family.

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